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Life is so thin

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Today is not prepared to original writing, but recently some of the things made me think deeply – life!


Many students have engaged in the construction site construction reflect the insecurity, more security-conscious people numb, in the interests of time before everything seemed so weak in front of

A teacher told me life and death, identification! Felt able to understand some of their own, but some time it feels Wang Ran. Too late to have a turn in the vast crowd disappeared. April Fool’s Day is indeed a joke people, but also relatively large – in the construction site because of strong winds blowing across the sudden failure of lifting equipment, collapse! The key moment in the collapse and the driver did not escape in time a worker was at the bottom …..

In such a festival which shall not be such a joke, not only because this is a bad news but because the whole incident behind the two families or even four families will be affected dozens of people. Affect not only the moment and even with some people with life-long. Change some people’s life.

Today, not much because of bad mood. Today, the Chinese do not want to not want. Too many people ignore the life.

Wish every family to be happy

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